Sound Of Revolution

by Liquid Eve

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released June 1, 2013

All Music By Liquid Eve
Lyrics by Kamran Dehghan, except "Rotweillers" and "Falling Free" by Kevin Karman



all rights reserved


Liquid Eve Hamilton, Ontario

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Track Name: Red Flags
Red flags dripping with our blood
But waving high in the sky
We stand broken into pieces
But we'll fall as one

No fear
Get up on your feet and point your spear
Don't you know
Freedom, the greatest gift in life
But it comes with the highest price
Track Name: Chaos & Fear
Just sit back and glue your eyes to the tube
Let us wash your brain and things will improve
Listen close and believe all that you hear
Even though things are not what they appear

Why must we live in chaos & fear?

Take these pills, it's gonna be all right
Hide your face and never look us in the eye
Save your breath and keep your thoughts to yourself
Never question and let us rule your life

We will not fall
We will not crawl
We'll rise up and
Tear down this wall...
Track Name: Memories Fade Away
Spread my wings to fly away
But you still ground me
Free my soul, let me be
Thoughts of you pain me, destroy me, and scar me

Thousand times I've run away
But you still found me
Like a tune in my mind
Playing with my heart, you seduce me, then drop me

Take these shackles off my feet
I will never be complete
Like a dagger in my heart
I've been bleeding from the start

Images of you repeat
Sorrow's never been so sweet
Like a movie in my mind
I sit back and press rewind
Track Name: One More Chance
Senseless Pride
Like an arrow in my side
All these years I've been paralyzed

But this time
I will take you in my arms
Hold you tight, you're the star in my night

One more chance
I will make you understand
You will be happier by my side

Take my soul
You can only make me whole
You're the air that I breathe, please don't leave

Oh my dear
I am always here
To cast away your fears
And I'll defeat
A million wretched beasts
Just to fall down at your feet
Track Name: By Design
And I heal by design
When I'm lost in your arms
And I seek great divine
In your embrace & in my mind
Track Name: Sound Of Revolution
Nation, Justice, Freedom, God
Mistaken for your greed
Fear, Chaos, Blood, and Hate
Are all that you breed

Killing fields are a sea of red
No peaceful resolutions
I'm frightened of our future,
It's the Sound Of Revolution
I'm fighting for our future,
It's the Sound Of Revolution
Track Name: E.S.F.R.
Everywhere I look, I see
Hatred, lies and greed surround me
Everyone I meet, empty
Materialists, fucking up their whole life with envy
Lifeless souls, living life like a bunch of ghosts
Don't you know, we all end up in a 6 foot hole?
Track Name: Bed Posts & Ropes
Bed posts & ropes
With you tied up, blindfolded
Clothes scattered on floor
Heels left on
Sextape playing on
Track Name: Snake Charmer
The thoughts in my head, as dark as the night
Shadows of doubt, eerily lurk inside
Then I hear your voice, gentle & kind
Singing your song that keeps me paralyzed

Trapped in this house,
My place to hide from all hurts of life
I'm frozen, yet alive
But you warm me up with your charm & grace
Blinded by your light, I move at your pace